The Most Potent Business Strategy to Shape Your Personal Brand & Expertise into a Dynastic Masterpiece
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The world’s leading expert on luxury business strategy for elite experts and personal brands
"Play in the big leagues"
“Kathryn is the best marketing mind that I have ever worked with in 25 years of running businesses."

Eric Lochtefeld, Bliss Champions

Luxury clients are out there (and they need you)


Maybe you’ve been told something like this … You need to start low in high volumes to grow the personal brand business of your dreams. 

Maybe you've tried launching a book.  Speaking on stages.  Consulting to a few clients.

High-ticket is $5,000. Anything more than that and you’re dreaming. 

If you really want to transform lives, you’d monetize for less so that your message is more accessible. 

It’s all a load codswallop.  Here’s the truth. 

If you're gifted.  If you're truly good at what you do.  Then, a standard business strategy is a waste of time for you.

The magic happens when you switch to a Luxury and Premium strategy for your personal brand. 

Big. Brave. Brilliant Personal Brands Don't Start Low. 
  They Start Sky-High.

How? I represent some of the most exciting personal brands in the world, and as the world's leading authority on using a Luxury Business Model for Personal Brands, I know a thing or two that I want to teach you. 

Speak with my team about your expertise and how you can leverage this to charge $100K+ and attract luxury level clients.
“I’m now charging $50k/day”
"Because I don’t look for the 1%. I look for the 1% of the 1%. The truly rare mind that can combine the keenest business acumen — all that goes in to building and selling 8-figure businesses, for instance — with a real understanding of what it means to consult a truly luxury business that is bent on extreme innovation, and stay the course with us through all the challenges that entails. No one but Kathryn has that skill set. Everyone else was either too by-the-book, or couldn’t keep up with our breakneck pace of innovation, or applied solutions that lacked finesse and elegance and an ability to truly reflect a luxury brand.

Kathryn is one-of-a-kind. her marketing and branding concepts are inventive and tailored to the spirit of our business and to where we are headed. With her counsel, we have launched a media and branding initiative that will finally position us on the world stage in the way I have been envisioning for years, but was unable to find the right partner to bring to fruition, until now. And, we have also doubled our monthly sales from where they had been for the better part of the year and landed our first $50k/day client."

Lorna J., Luxe Godhead

Kathryn Porritt

Founder & CEO Business Bravery & Laws of Luxury

Kathryn Porritt is the world’s leading strategist on applying a Luxury business model to personal brands. She works privately with some of the most exciting entrepreneurs on the planet to help them develop their disruptive legacy, creating audacious impact, million dollar offers and their dynastic masterpiece.

More than a Business Strategist, Kathryn has a background in entrepreneurship herself, having founded and run two multi-million dollar global companies, authored a book with Penguin-Viking and revolutionized luxury branding and marketing with her Intentional Marketing and Hyper-Targeting processes. Her company, Business Bravery, represents firebrand business owners who create disruptive legacies and powerful personal brands. 

Kathryn helps her clients create a full ecosystem of offers including luxury and premium packages, passive offers and leveraged offers, as well as supporting them to create massive impact through their speaking, media, networking and publishing opportunities.
"I Sold $250K in Luxury Offers within a Few Weeks of Starting."
I sold $250k from the initial $100K offer system (the $27 Business Bravery product). Now as a private client, I am confident that I'm going to create about 2 million next year and that's the safe bet. 

Before this, I was really challenged with not seeing how I could create the level of impact and support for others in a way that can be scalable. I had a great program, but the way I was operating it the effect of it would be lessened.  

I live my life for expansion and that's what I offer to my clients. So it only made sense to me that I would partner up with someone who also is for expansion and and taking things to the next to the next level.

If someone is on the fence about whether or not Business Bravery is for them, I really encourage them to look at who they are and who they see themselves becoming. If they see that they're on this trajectory of really being an innovator, a pioneer, a maverick and having a desire to create transformation, not only for their clients but also in our society, then show up here. The possibilities are endless.


"They saved me millions of dollars & loads of chaos in my business"
I was going to be going down a path of releasing a webinar and charging $2k or $5k, because everybody else does that. But thankfully Business Bravery came into my business right before I was about to launch. I am now successfully selling my services for over $100K.  I have attracted more high-quality thought leaders who are ready to invest in their brand. It’s not about the cost for them. This has expanded me, it’s now fulfilled me at a deeper level, and my clients are also getting better results. So I will praise to the highest heavens, my gratitude and appreciation for your vision in me and helping me see beyond what I thought I had to do because everybody else was doing it.


"She Is a Vision Come True for My Business"
Because I want to be the best, I work with the best…who else would I ever want to work with? Just like I do, Kathryn and her team know that their clients’ success IS their success, and when you have things in that order, everything can be as successful as you want it to be. Anyone doubting you, especially you, is bringing that to your clients and they will doubt themselves too and never get the full extent of the results they are truly capable of. It takes people who believe in your vision as much or even more than you do…and that is what I’ve experienced as a client of Kathryn and her team.

Dr. Tracy Thomas, Emotional Scientist

"I Can't Believe It Happened This Fast!"
Working with Business Bravery has been incredible. I really didn't think that it would happen that quickly, to be honest with you; and especially not in this current economic climate! It's been like a culmination of perfect events coming together. They rebuilt my entire brand and brought that up to a much higher standard, including my entire website. And then they've helped with publicity, getting my name out there, and crafting offers. But it’s the belief that I can offer premium packages, and that I could get clients who are willing and able to invest in themselves like that. It’s a total package - an overhaul of your entire business, up-leveling it. 

Elle, Be With Your Twin Flame

"She Turns Hopes & Dreams Into Reality"
If you feel like you haven’t found the right person and you’ve wasted all this money doing other things, well Kathryn definitely is your lady. I actually sent her a message the other day with a little fairy godmother, and she’s got her wand and she helps everyone turn their dreams, and hopes, and desires into a reality. So definitely the best thing you’ll ever do is work with her.

Leanne Sheargold, My Sacred Contract

"My Business Has Completely Transformed"
Kathryn’s a ninja. She’s Superwoman. She just gets it. She spends time thinking about you as a client, she has amazing ideas, and she sees you, gets you and sees you more than you see yourself. It’s a huge trust process handing everything over to her, but I felt so safe with Kathryn and her team. In just three short months, my business has completely transformed. It’s been the most wonderful experience I’ve had in business.

Anna Anderson, Anna Anderson Inc.

"I Thought I Had an Expanded Mindset Before!"
I thought I had an expanded mindset until I came to Business Bravery, and then I saw, wow, there's so much more! I knew that there was another level for me to go. I knew that I wanted to reach more people. And my mission is not just a mission it's actually a revolution. I want to revolutionize this whole industry. And because one woman walking around with a soul fracture, who's not living her life is a tragedy to me. With Business Bravery’s help, I went from wanting to help hundreds to thousands of people and now I want to help millions and I knew I needed a rock solid team to help me get there. They’re that team. The resources are second to none, the people on the Business Bravery team are all seasoned, wonderful professionals. Working with them has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Dona Rutowicz, Divorcing Gracefully

"She Makes Me Think Much Bigger"
My business was doing fine. There was enough to make a nice living. But I wanted to make a difference and provide a service that is outstanding. I wasn’t anywhere near that goal, so I needed someone to help me set on that path. Kathryn understood that and knew how to make me think much bigger. She’s even involved in my next business now. There’s much more to come!

Nicola Meniccaci, Yellow Shoes Tours, NYC

"An amazing system that works"
I've worked with a lot of consultants over the years on branding, building sales funnels, writing books, launching a podcast, having a video tip series, and none of them understood the wedding industry, the luxury space or the creative community until I started working with Kathryn. Kathryn and her team completely nailed it for me! They helped me repackage my content, better organise my content strategy, my messaging, and get my funnels working! Having the right team and a strategy in place with someone to hold you accountable with deadlines, is such a breath of fresh air! Kathryn does exactly what she says she is going to do. She has set me up an amazing system that my team and I can actually run in-house, and that works passively. All I can say is it's definitely worth investing in yourself, your brand and in Kathryn and her team. They’re amazing, and will make a big change to your business. 

Angela Proffitt, Consultant to Luxury Creative Brands

"Be the first in line to work with Kathryn"
KP, please don’t stop creating your magic. Continue to create the online essence us entrepreneurs have always wanted and were uncertain of how to do it. Continue to capture who we are individually and show how are dreams will impact/transform the world. Continue to know that without a shadow of doubt that one of your proposes here on earth is to be a beacon of hope, integrity and safety that allows us small business owners to know that there is someone else out there who is willing to walk the path with us on our journey to the ultimate success. KP you are True Rock Star.

I can say with much confidence whomever gets the opportunity to work with you, they are going to receive way more than what they paid for plus walk away with tangible results that causes them to think, “there is no question in my mind that if I had to do this over again I would race to be first in line to work with KP.

Dr. Tamika Henry, MD, MBA President, Unlimited Health Institute

"I'm living the career of my dreams!"
Kathryn is helping me figure out my branding & my message because I wasn’t attracting the type of client I wanted - now my brand and message matches the high-end wedding planner that I am.

Boundaries and my mindset were big issues for me. If I don't feel like I'm worth $15,000 no one is going to pay me $15,000. So she been a huge help with that. I actually like every client that I have right now and it's great! I don't dread starting my work day. 

 One of my biggest challenges is saying, “No” when I get that gut feeling when I've met a potential client and I'm so scared, and then I say to myself, "I'll make it work - we’ll get along. And after I think "Why did I say yes?" and it's a year of hell.

I was scared to charge what I wanted to - a lot of friends in my industry would say things like "Don't raise your prices too much because you might not get booked." 

I felt like I’d better stay middle of the road but with Kathryn’s help to transform my mindset & increase my confidence... It's so nice to have someone in your corner that understands what you're going through.

Kristeen LaBrot, Kristeen LaBrot Events LA - Celebrity Wedding Planner

Imagine selling your best work for $100K+...
Imagine attracting luxury level clients...

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